Myxomycetes Slime moulds in Norway

This web page originates in the love of the micro world and its beauty, and in the discovery that even in a single group of organisms, like the myxomycetes, one can find such a stunning beauty and variation.

The page has the dual function of documenting the species of myxomycetes of Norway and at the same time showing their aesthetic qualities.

Many of the species shown here represent the first finding of these for Norway or for the Nordic countries, possibly also for Europe.

All the species have been collected in the field. Should I later decide to include specimens originating from moist chamber culture, these will be clearly marked with (moist chamber).


Material available
Most of the species have been collected by my myself or together with my son Guttorm. A few are contributed by friends. For some species I have had access to a single specimen only – and the quality of the display will then of course be limited by the quality of this collection.

Photo technique
Myxomycetes have been collected and photographed by me from 1998 and onwards. A few photos are available only using older technology. And as an amateur photographer, my equipment resources and skills are of course limited. The same holds for the microscopy.

It is my intension to regularly update the web page, not only with additional species, but also with improved photos of already included species, as new and better specimens and new and better photos become available.


My warm thanks go to Edvin W. Johannesen (Eddi). His inspiration has been decisive for my work with myxomycetes and his help with identification has been invaluable.

Thanks also go to a few foreign friends who have helped with especially difficult identifications.
In any case, I take full personal responsibility for any mis-identified species.

Thanks to those who have supplied specimens. I applogize for not being able to name them on the web page.

Special thanks go to Boye Garmann, who has generously designed and constructed this web page for me.


Both positive and negative feedback will be welcome. Especially welcome are hints of possibly wrong identification of species. Please use the “Contact me” button!

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